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Give A Try to ELiquid Depot Gentleman

When you are shifting to Vape from smoking, one of the most important question which comes to mind is ways to picking up nicotine strength and which flavor would give the same feeling of smoke?


There is no standard definition, the simple answer would be, if you wish to puff only for few times per day, stronger nicotine liquid seems to be more satisfying. However, if you will be puffing continuously in a day, lower nicotine content is a better choice so that you do not consume too much nicotine and fall sick. You may also want to keep both high and low nicotine liquids on hand to act according to the changing preferences and cravings within a day.


Next is flavor; you should note that vape juice without a flavor does not give any taste. There are many base flavors to choose from: vanilla, tobacco, menthol, orange, banana, grape, pineapple, mint, chocolate, green tea, and coffee. The list is really big! However, these plain flavors have become absolute, and everyone love to have fusion of 2 or more different flavors. If you browse the product listing at ELiquid Depot, you can make it out from the available flavors.


The most recommended flavor for the new person would be RY4 which is tobacco-based flavor and gives the real smoke feel. ELiquid Depot Gentleman – RY4 tobacco with 6mg nicotine would be best for you with 80% VG / 20% PG. You can read what the user says about this.


This flavor I was really looking forward to as I have tried one RY4 type juice and this smelt just like it albeit a bit of a harsher smell than the Hangsen version I have in my mixing box. The taste was very odd to me, at first, I thought my coil had failed as there was quite a big burnt sugar taste in the background but after checking and doing a dry burn just in case the taste was still there. since then, I have asked others to try this, and they tell me the same thing. They said, it will go after you take 10-15 puff and they were do right. It did not disappoint me. This juice scores 9/10 for me


Throat hit on this juice is quite good, this leads me to believe it has much higher PG, say 80/20 or there abouts, it didn’t put me off though, I think it goes well with the slightly burnt taste so perhaps that was the intention. for this I will score the throat hit 8/10.


Vapor production for this juice was much higher than whatever I tried in past, perhaps I’m just being a VG hog but if I don’t have a fog bank coming out of my PV I think somethings wrong, lol. I will give this juice 10/10 for vapor.


Overall this juice gets 27/30, this might just be down to personal preference but as this was the juice I was looking forward to the most out of the three I was sent, I am a super happy in the outcome.

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